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Temporarily I finish the work for the mods update of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Reason is mainly two things below.
1. I'm not playing ETS2 now. At least recently in nine months I didn't play the game even once for my "serious play" savefile.
2. Whenever the game version is updated, specifications has changed. And I'm tired for have to cope everytime. (Of course, I welcome improvement of the game basically, but...)

Currently, my ETS2 mods supports the game version 1.18.x or some older version.
But "Real Emblem Trucks version 2" does support the game version 1.19.x.

I have a plan to update own mods after an official final patch will be released.
However, if the launch of American Truck Simulator is earlier than the final patch, I think the mods update will never come. Because my focus will be directed to ATS. (I love American trucks.)

Of course, someday I might think "I want to play ETS2 again" or "I want to make some mods". So is the "temporarily". Sorry in the equivocal attitude because I have a moody personality, my future doesn't know even myself. XD

On the other hand, I'm one of the volunteer translators for the official localize of ETS2 (translate English to Japanese). I continue to work about this.

Thank you for using my mods, and sorry for I gave up the mods update.

August 25, 2015

BTW, recently the game I have to play are as follows.
GTA5 / GTA Online, Cities: Skylines, Civilization V and TES5: Skyrim.
Particularly, Civ5 and Skyrim I played more than 1000 hours. :D

Now I'm waiting for the launch of American Truck Simulator, Fallout 4 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided while playing other games.