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GlobalCompany Addon Icons -Japanese-

各種メニューの作物価格一覧画面で使われるアイコンを置き換えるMOD「GlobalCompany Addon Icons」に日本語で作物名を付与したアイコンファイルです。

Credits: LS-Modcompany / aPuehri, Eribus, pete379jp (Mod permissions)

DOWNLOAD Version Final (477KB)

Estancia Lapacho Custom

- Some irregular shaped fields have been changed to rectangle shape.
- Rectangle shaped fields have been expanded and roughly flattened. (Excludes some small fields.)
- Removed Storage Barn.
- Removed an airplane from the hangar.
- Added 2 small Easy Sheds.
- Added Workshop.
- Added Hay Barn.
- Added Lime Station to the south area of the map.
- Added reverse loop spline for AI vehicles on the asphalt roads.
- Got rid of the useless mountainous area in the south central part of the map.
- Added 3 buyable land.
- Added 5 new fields.
- Field 1 and 2 have been connected by default.
- Player's farm silo has been increased from 200kl to 500kl capacity.
  (This silo is obviously a combination of two large silos. And even bigger than the normal large silos.)
- Each storage silo in the map has been increased from 200kl to 300kl capacity.
  (And added Sugar Cane as a storable fruit type for selling to the transport company.)
- Recommend for use in a new game.
- This mod is compatible with the game version 1.2 or older.

- いくつかの不規則な形の畑を長方形に変更
- 長方形の畑をそれぞれ少し拡大し(一部の小さい畑は除く)、おおまかに平坦化
- 農場から農場の保管小屋を削除
- 農場のハンガーから飛行機を削除
- 農場に Easy Shed 1 を2つ追加
- 農場に車両整備場を追加
- 農場に干し草置き場を追加
- マップの南部エリアにライムステーションを追加
- 舗装道路にAI車両用の逆ループスプラインを追加(反対車線も走るようになります)
- マップ中央南部の使いものにならない山間エリアを除去
- 売買可能な土地を3つ追加
- 新しい畑を5つ追加
- 畑1と2はデフォルトで接続された状態に変更
- 農場の穀物サイロの容量を20万lから50万lに増量
- マップにある各保管サイロの容量を20万klから30万klに増量
- ニューゲームでの使用を推奨します
- このMODはゲームバージョン1.2以前に対応しています

Credits: Giants Software, pete379jp (Mod permissions)

DOWNLOAD Version (768MB)

Mod installation
It's just drop the zip file into your mods folder under Documents.
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2019\mods

Note: You can't change the file name. Some assets won't be loaded properly if you change it.

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2019\mods

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