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Kenworth W900 Accessories Pack




These are completely compatible with the game's original (vanilla) truck.

If your player's level is less than the required level, these accessories won't appear in the service. Required level of each is set the same or slightly higher as the game's accessories. (All of my accessories are less than level 20.)

You should sell all of my accessories before deactivate the mod on the mod manager. (To avoid an issue of a save compatibility.) All of my accessories have my avatar icon on the service menu. So you can clearly understand which is an accessory of this mod.


Details and Sample Pics

- Firefly Custom
- 20 inches Boxed End with Light Bar series
- 24 inches Boxed End series
- 24 inches Contoured End

Bumper Guides
- Bumper Guide 01
- Bumper Guide 02


These are in the Front Mirror category and supports the game's bumpers only.

Bug Deflectors
- Clear Deflector series

Fender Guards
- Solid Fender Guards I series
- Solid Fender Guards II series

Headlight Visors
- Headlight Visors I
- Headlight Visors II


These are in the Fender Guards category.

Sun Visors
- Blind Mount Flat Drop Visor
- Blind Mount Bowtie Drop Visor

Air Filters
- Air Filters With Light Bars II

Cab Panels
- 5 inches Millenium series

Roof Sleeper Lights
- 7 Roof Sleeper Lights

- 8 inches Exhaust Stacks (Straight)
- 8 inches Exhaust Stacks (Mitered)
- 8 inches Exhaust Stacks (Curved)

Main Mirrors
- Mirrors Double Custom


[CHANGE LOG] on Steam Workshop page.

Credits: SCS Software, pete379jp

古いバージョン(ゲームバージョン1.5以前に対応)が必要な場合はSteam Workshop版を使用してください。
If you need an old version (compatible with the game version 1.5 or older), please use Steam Workshop version.

DOWNLOAD Version 1.3b (1.02MB)
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